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Allison Zimmerman


Allison is passionate about helping clients achieve results in product development through digital solutions.

Allison Zimmerman, Consultant | Kalypso
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Allison Zimmerman specializes in product development and process innovation strategy in the Retail and Consumer Goods industries. She has experience serving clients through retail process analysis and redesign, data governance, product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy and RFID.

Prior to joining Kalypso, Allison gained diverse experience in supply chain management and marketing. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Portland with a focus in Operations and Technology Management and Marketing.

Current Projects

• Set up and executed a Data Governance framework for a global footwear and apparel company’s product creation data.

• Conducted a footwear raw materials strategy assessment with a large, global retailer.

• Helped a global footwear and apparel company consider a functional building layout and infrastructure that will integrate with the client’s product development process and optimize cross-functional collaboration.

• Developed standard operating models around RFID and a playbook/toolkit based on industry standards for a client’s retail partners.

Outside of Kalypso

Outside of work, Allison’s favorite place to be is hiking on a mountain with friends. She enjoys dogs (all kinds), traveling, finding new places to eat, and cooking. She also makes a mean cheese platter.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Marketing, Operations and Technology Management

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