Transform the way you discover, create, make and sell products consumers want

We help organizations deliver the products consumers love more efficiently.

The ever changing marketplace we live in is forcing every organization to rethink how they discover new ideas, create prototypes, make a product and sell them to their consumers.

To keep up with these changes, organizations are exploring how they can leverage technology and leading practices to evolve the way they do things.

What seemed like a “future vision” for technology a few short years ago is now a reality delivering quantified benefits to those investing in change.

Real Results

Up to 33% reduction in design time

Significant reduction of energy consumption

>10% OEE improvements

Up to 30% increased output

10% reduction in manufacturing costs

Our Clients in Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Footwear and Apparel






Reimagining how to create the products and brands consumers want

Brands that were built over generations are facing rapidly changing consumer needs, manufacturing constraints and supply chain challenges. But this isn’t new.

What is new and leading organizations are realizing is that digital transformation in all areas of the business (from Discovering ideas, to Creating prototypes to Making finished products and even Selling them to consumers) can and will unlock speed to market, improved response to consumer needs, manufacturing productivity and agile operations.

Consumer and Retail Focus Areas

Digital Thread Strategy

Connect how you discover, create, make and sell your products digitally

Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment

Digital Thread Education

Digital Thread Vision

Digital Twin

Leverage modern technology to simulate and emulate activities - saving time and costs

Digital Product Creation (DPC)

Reduce costs, increase margins, drive sustainability and build a more collaborative and creative workforce with digital product creation

Modeling & Simulation

Enable a safer, more seamless transition between the virtual and real world with realistic modeling and testing

Advanced Analytics

Achieve workforce productivity and top line gains, increase margins and reduce rework & approval time with real-time, actionable isights.

Process Control & Optimization

Reduce process variability and improve throughput and first pass quality with process control and optimization.

Energy Management

Performance Management

Enterprise Technology

Establish and evolve foundational data systems to unlock hidden opportunities and achieve higher levels of enterprise performance in a disrupted and changing environment

PLM & Spec Management

Manage critical product data throughout the product lifecycle to build the foundational infrastructure for end-to-end digital transformation

Master Data Management (MDM)

Create a single source for data to build trust across your ecosystem, from suppliers, to manufacturing and distribution channels, to the end-consumer.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Get inventory to the right place at the right time, optimize ‘cost to serve’ and improve customer service levels with improved supply chain performance.

Industry 4.0

Connect people, systems and machine data to power informed decisions and enable self-optimizing autonomous operations

IT/OT Convergence

Improve operational agility and capture opportunities in shifting demand patterns without straining your operation.

Smart Connected Operations

Plant Connectivity enabled by IoT

Control Tower

Power true supply chain oversight

Thought Leaders