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Digital Innovation in the Industrial Value Chain at Hannover Messe

Kalypso presents use cases at Hannover Messe 2019 that focus on Smart Connected Operations, Digitally Integrated Product Development and Product Lifecycle Intelligence. Find more information below then schedule a demo with us in our booth located in the Digital Factory Hall 6 J50.

Operational Excellence with Smart Connected Operations

Smart Connected Operations (SCO) leverage disruptive technologies to facilitate more effective, efficient, customizable, automated, and digitized systems to create new value and new business models.

However, there are significant challenges including general business awareness, a complex technology ecosystem, lack of people and skills, security concerns and requirements for new organization and process design including managing data governance gaps and change leadership.

Visit the Kalypso booth to understand how companies are establishing competitive advantage and improving business performance with our SCO methodologies. Read More Now

Digitally Integrated Product Development with IoT-Enabled Generative Design, Automated PLM & Additive Manufacturing

The integration of generative design, advanced simulation, IoT and additive manufacturing offers manufacturers a powerful opportunity to enable an automated and responsive design cycle. With a fully integrated digital product lifecycle development, we are one step closer to machines being optimized and improved by other machines.

Visit the Kalypso booth to learn about the transformative opportunity for new product development through generative design techniques enabled by a digitally integrated approach.

A Data-Driven Approach to Solving Problems with Product Lifecycle Intelligence

Product Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI) is an evolution of PLM that applies artificial intelligence and automation to help PLM users extract meaningful insights from product data, formulate predictions, recommend improvements, and automate actions within systems and processes.

Deployed via a suite of user-centric apps, PLI addresses core business needs of PLM users, including data migration, new product development cycle times, change management, product quality, supplier management, manufacturability and regulatory compliance.

Visit the Kalypso booth to learn how companies use PLI to make evidence-based decisions, reliably plan and forecast, and continuously improve business results. Read More Now

Kalypso Thought Leaders
in Attendance

John Woods 2018

John Woods

Digital Innovation Lead Europe

Richard Mizuno 2018

Richard Mizuno

Managing Director, Europe

Nils Kruse 2017

Nils Kruse

Country Manager, Germany


Maciej Redel

Senior Manager, Digital Practice

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