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Applying AI to Real-Time Drilling Data to Improve Operational Performance

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At a recent event in Houston, Kalypso had the pleasure of co-presenting with Weatherford, a leading Oilfield services company that specializes in products and services for drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention of oil and gas wells. Here's a summary of what was presented.

With crude oil prices lingering south of $50 per barrel for foreseeable future, it is an imperative that operators and service providers look to digital innovation as a means to reduce the cost of their operations and services.

Weatherford decided to meet the challenge, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to help them identify the best settings based on real-time conditions, so they could drill faster and safer while understanding changing environmental conditions.

Download Weatherford’s story to learn:

  • How to leverage artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights from the huge amounts of real-time data generated by drilling rigs
  • A methodology and approach for how to apply AI in a way that learns continuously and makes critical improvement recommendations
  • Preliminary downhole performance results, including improvements in efficiency, speed and safety
  • Key takeaways and learnings around metrics, data and change management