PLM Vivo for BioPharma

Adopt a Lifecycle Perspective to Innovation

To stay competitive, biopharma companies must adopt a holistic lifecycle perspective to innovation in order to develop truly innovative products that generate health benefits to patients – and economic benefits to their organizations. A management discipline called product lifecycle management (PLM) is an effective approach to enabling this kind of real innovation.

To help begin the PLM journey faster and at a lower price point, Kalypso is providing clients with a cost-effective solution: PLM Vivo for BioPharma.

PLM Vivo for BioPharma is a pre-configured PLM solution designed for rapid implementation, enabling biopharma companies to reduce the time, effort and investment to deploy PLM by up to 66%.

PLM Vivo for BioPharma is configured based on best-in-class implementation practices specific to the industry. This includes:

  • Data and file import templates to simplify data requirements gathering, population and migration
  • Pre-defined workflows based on leading design control practices
  • Pre-defined advanced search and reports used for internal and/or external audits and design reuse
  • Required training for production to support end user training of basic business processes
  • Pre-defined security model to add/assign pre-defined organizations, roles and privileges for users
  • Vivo Validation Templates: Pre-configured, validation-ready regulatory templates based on GAMP® 5 validation practices

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