SMART CITIES: Connecting City Infrastructure through New Digital Technologies

Launching a Smart City Initiative?

Selecting an enabling technology and a unified operating system is just a small part of the journey to revolutionize a city with new power, valuable intelligence, and peak efficiencies for years to come.

Technology + Innovation = The World’s Smartest Cities

Technology is at its best when it is automated, structured, and arranged to make day-to-day vehicles, roadways, energy, safety, and public utilities work better for all of us.

Innovation is smartest when it is designed and deployed with thoughtful value that impacts the lives of citizens and governments in tangible, measurable ways.

Leading cities drive secure, city-wide innovation through connected IoT environments and centralized data streams, extracting real value from cloud-based technologies.

Lifting Cities into The Cloud

This is about more than the technical steps of configuring, testing and deploying software. Cities must design and build technologies that connect and integrate flexibly to meet the present needs of citizens while laying a foundation of innovation that supports future growth.

Next-Gen Data Architecture & Security

Open integration platforms improve city efficiency through full visibility of IoT devices, data, and public assets. By providing simplified access to data streams, future developers can keep the city smart and relevant for years to come by building new smart cities solutions and applications on top of an open platform.

Cities must leverage the best advancements in security and central monitoring to protect city data. For example, using a private blockchain mitigates cybersecurity threats better than 99%of modern, enterprise-level platforms.

Transforming Cities of the Future

Rapid prototyping is at the heart of integrating new technologies into cities. Enable your transformative vision and improve adoption with real-time data from interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces.

Benefits of a Smart-Connected Operating System

  • Connects data streams for full visibility of city-wide technologies
  • Creates a highly secure environment for Smart City solutions
  • Reduces cost of future technology deployment
  • Enables cloud-based monitoring of city-wide IoT devices
  • Accelerates prototyping and scalability of interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces

Smart Cities Panel at SXSW

Join us at SXSW on March 14th as we discuss how a smart-connected city builds smart-connected culture.

Kalypso will be presenting a panel discussion that introduces how cities can leverage technology to not only drive economic and operational benefits, but also bring communities together. Through leading experts and entrepreneurs in entertainment, we’ll explore the importance of investments in smart cities that drive cultural innovation to improve the lives of people.

Schedule a time to meet up with our team in Austin, Texas from March 12-17, below. Or take a moment to tell us about your vision for your city.

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