Portfolio and Pipeline Management (P&PM)

Increase Return on Innovation Investments

We help organizations increase the value of their innovation pipeline by applying portfolio management concepts that account for risk and uncertainty.

To be confident that revenue targets will be met, a business must have a clear picture of innovation investments and expected return. With the right practices in place, organizations can align business strategy and innovation roadmaps with development investments to maximize return on innovation.

Our Portfolio & Pipeline Management (P&PM) services align business strategy with new product development (NPD) investments. Our approach focuses on three processes that form a closed-loop cycle that promotes innovation success:

  1. Early phase portfolio management that fills the development pipeline with promising ideas
  2. Project portfolio management that ensures that the strategy enables development
  3. Project and product portfolio management that links market need and reaction to the front end of innovation

Core Services

  • Early Phase Portfolio Management
  • Nova for PPMĀ®
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • P&PM System Selection & Implementation Strategy
  • PPM Managed Services
Pamela Soin

Pamela Soin

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Bill Poston

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Laurens Broekhof

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