Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Maximize the Value of IP Portfolios

We work with organizations to deliver significant and sustainable value from their IP portfolios.

For companies with patents and intellectual assets, this means understanding the IP across the enterprise - what's available and what's in use - and strategically leveraging it to generate incremental revenue and reduce costs.

Our approach offers a unique, integrated IP framework designed to help you manage, protect, grow and leverage your IP portfolio. We provide expert guidance throughout the IP management process to align your organization’s IP strategy with fundamental business strategies, and help you tackle the IP management function in alignment with your innovation expectations.

By aligning IP strategy with business and innovation strategy, companies create the foundation for product innovation and development.

Core Services

  • Commercial Concept Development
  • Concept Marketing & Value Extraction
  • IP Commercialization
  • IP Competitive Assessments
  • IP Infringement Investigations
  • IP Management System Selection & Implementation
  • IP Portfolio Cataloging & Screening
  • IP Strategy & Management


Joe Dury

Joe Dury

Mick Broekhof

Mick Broekhof


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