Stewart Batsell

Stewart Batsell

Stewart is a senior consultant with Kalypso, focusing on product lifecycle management, portfolio management and strategy work.
  • Senior Consultant
  • (713) 628-0456

Stewart received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic from Rice University. After graduating from Rice, Stewart worked as a private investigator and case manager, which provided project management and operations experience.

After four years as a private investigator, Stewart returned to Rice to earn an MBA, where he focused on consulting work and applied data analysis. Prior to joining Kalypso, Stewart completed a ten week Education Pioneers Fellowship in which he designed and executed the district-wide strategy for implementing an entirely new information technology (IT) system for Chicago Public Schools.

Current Projects

Stewart helps clients deliver on the promise of innovation by implementing product lifecycle management and master data management strategies.

Outside of Kalypso

Stewart lives in Austin, TX. He spends his time playing basketball, attending heavy metal concerts, creating and analyzing advanced sports metrics, telling old PI stories and discussing the golden age of television.