Kalypso Values

We are a diverse group of professionals with a common set of core values that shape our culture and set us apart. At the heart of this culture is a belief in the power of innovation to improve people's lives. This is our calling.

Leaders behind the Leaders

  • We invest in the long-term success of our individual clients, not just their companies.
  • We celebrate every individual client promotion and view them as a measure of our value.
  • We believe that trusted advisors do not stop advising when the project is complete.
  • We reserve the spotlight and glory of success for you, not the consulting team.

Power of Creativity and Innovation

  • We believe that innovation combined with action can change the world for the better.
  • We expect lively debate and dissent from all levels of the organization – ours and yours.
  • We value different ways of thinking and problem solving. Here’s to the weird ones.
  • We feel that the diversity of our teams bring fresh perspectives and insight to our work.

Passion for Personal Development

  • We do not tolerate intellectual sloth or stagnation. Continuous learning is required.
  • We stay on the leading edge of management thinking and adapt new concepts rapidly.
  • We genuinely care about one another’s success and work hard to help our colleagues.
  • We believe in the development of the “whole” person, not just the business side.

Commitment to Business Partners

  • We treat our business partners as if they were our clients or our practitioners.
  • We bring integrity and respect to our alliance relationships as well as our clients.
  • We go to extraordinary lengths to help each other – without keeping score.
  • We expect the same in return from the people we choose to do business with.

Professionalism, Integrity and Quality

  • We believe that serving clients is a privilege and accept the responsibility to do it well.
  • We demand unquestioned integrity and veracity from all of our people in every situation.
  • We hire exceptional people for their professional excellence and superior performance.
  • We balance creativity and passion for ideas with professionalism and pragmatism.

Characters with Character