Ruby Chou Ruby Chou

Ruby is a manager, bringing professional experience in PLM strategy, PLM technology implementation and optimization, innovation diagnostics, new product development process design and implementation, and portfolio management to Kalypso's clients.


Education and Experience

Prior to joining Kalypso, Ruby was the founding member of a niche European turn-key consumer electronics product development start-up. She served as a product development and OEM/ODM project manager, leading concurrent product design and development teams of Western designers/engineers and Asian manufacturers.

Ruby received an Associate degree of Banking & Insurance from National Taipei College of Business (Taiwan), Bachelor Degree from National Cheng-Kung University (Taiwan) and a Master of Business Adminstration from Purdue University with a concentration in Manufacturing and Technology Management.

Current Work

Ruby works with clients in designing and implementing product development processes and optimizing the use of PLM technology to help drive new products to market more efficiently. She brings expert-level knowledge of PLM solutions with demonstrated success in managing implementation of PLM technology, system customization, system integration and data migration for consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients on a global scale.

Outside the Office

Ruby lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoys sampling Belgium beers, playing basketball, hiking, traveling, backpacking, cooking, and reading. Ruby is a strong believer in living a globe-trotting life by incessantly learning different cultures and languages. Currently, she is enthusiastic about learning the Japanese language and studying Japanese culture. Her next backpacking destination is Morocco.