The Connected Enterprise as a Cure

for the Innovator’s Myopia

You may not be aware that your product organization suffers from severe myopia. Once your product is sold or installed in the field, you often lose sight of its performance, how users are interacting with it, and how well it meets your customer expectations and your business portfolio market targets.

In all likelihood, your organization’s myopia had set on much earlier, during the collection and formulation of market and functional requirements, and persists throughout design, engineering, manufacturing and fulfilment activities. The typical fragmentation of internal process and the lack of a holistic multidisciplinary approach to product-related decisions are unable to remedy the situation.

Watch this recorded discussion on how the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digitalization of the product value chain can help overcome much of your organization’s myopia. IoT-driven digital thread can radically redefine how well you understand your products and customers, and how you can use this insight to accelerate the innovation and development of new products and services.



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