Streamline and Accelerate Product Commercialization 
BY enabling flexible yet controlled PLM-ERP integration with oracle product hub cLOUD

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018   

12:00PM-1:00PM EST I 9:00AM-10:00AM PST   


The ability to deliver quality, compliant products quickly to market is critical for innovation success. To achieve this goal in the digital age it’s not enough for companies to optimize product development and manufacturing processes; they must also operate and connect fundamental applications like PLM and ERP seamlessly.

Many organizations have struggled with PLM-ERP integration as existing methods are cumbersome, carry high risk and cost, and provide limited adaptability to satisfy commercialization needs in a dynamic business environment. Oracle Product Hub Cloud provides a robust alternative that helps enable flexible yet controlled integration between engineering and manufacturing.

Join this webcast to learn how Oracle Product Hub Cloud can:

  • Seamlessly connect the engineering (PLM) and manufacturing (ERP) siloes
  • Safely transfer and enrich the eBOM with manufacturing site-specific information and commercialization product attribution to generate site-specific mBOMs
  • Maintain integrity of the data and ensure regulatory compliance with change control

Get valuable insight about integration options in the cloud and hear specific examples of companies addressing some of their top commercialization challenges with Oracle Product Hub Cloud.

Join the livestream and have your integration questions answered by product development and master data management thought leaders Sachin Misra and Sachin Patel.

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Sachin MISRA 

Partner, Oracle Practice

sachin patel

Senior Director, Product Strategy, PLM and Product MDM

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