Value Management

For today's businesses, both value creation activities and value capture activities need to be managed and coordinated aggressively for companies to succeed. With the right coordination, companies can bring products and services to market that meet customer, profitability, and market share expectations.

Kalypso’s Value Management & Pricing practice helps companies deliver on the promise of innovation by creating and capturing maximum value from their product and service portfolio.  Our team works with companies to accelerate their ability to realize incremental profit growth across the product lifecycle using value-based pricing strategies, processes and tools.

Kalypso helps companies improve capabilities throughout the product lifecycle in:

  • Front End of Innovation: Evaluation of project ideas to build and validate a differentiated value proposition
  • Development: Assessment of market and competitive environment, product valuation and target pricing
  • Launch: New product introduction strategy including market positioning, list pricing, and discounting policies
  • In-Market: Optimization of commercial performance including value pricing, value selling, customer segmentation, account negotiation, transaction management
  • End of Life: Complexity management including product, brand, customer and supplier rationalization
  • Tools & Software: Decision support analytics, tools and software to operationalize pricing excellence


Related service offerings include:

Price & Value Strategy
Employ a proactive approach to create pricing strategies, processes, and structures that anticipate market changes and yield impressive results.
Transaction Management
Optimize business practices and technology to ensure that each transaction is effectively managed for full value capture.
Value in Market
Optimize the value captured from product offerings and product mix.
Value Management Capability Diagnostic & Roadmap
Assess all areas of pricing and value management to understand where opportunities can be found and where change is needed with comprehensive assessments and diagnostics.
Pricing Software Selection & Implementation Services
Select the right pricing software and ensure on-time and on-budget deployments with proven resources and methodologies.
Complexity Management
Drive profit improvements, identify areas of unprofitable business, and reduce organizational complexity with Complexity Management.