Value Management Capability Diagnostic & Roadmap

It can be extremely difficult to change direction or make improvements in pricing and value management initiatives without first understanding where the opportunities really are. Kalypso can help you to quickly understand how your organization compares to best practices, where quick wins can be found, and where fundamental change is needed.

Understanding where your company falls short of best practices can help you:

  • Set direction for improvement efforts
  • Identify quick wins, with significant impact to create momentum
  • Rally internal support for a much needed improvement

Kalypso offers assessments for all areas of Pricing and Value Management including:

  • Value Management Assessment. A comprehensive assessment of value creation and value capture capabilities from ideation to end of life including:
    • Value chain analysis
    • Value in product development assessment
    • Strategic price assessment
    • Quote-to-cash assessment
  • Strategic Price Assessment. A process assessment and application of best practices to create a detailed roadmap leading to 1) alignment of pricing strategy to business objectives; and 2) alignment of pricing actions to strategy. Areas of focus can include:
    • Price change trigger (frequency, rationale)
    • Reference price setting
    • Discount strategy
    • Bundle pricing strategy
    • Product/customer complexity
  • Transactional Price Diagnostic. A process assessment and application of best practices to create a detailed roadmap leading to 1) elimination of leakage; and 2) improved price realization. This diagnostic focuses on areas such as:
    • Quote-to-cash process
    • Accruals management
    • Incentive management
    • Sales compensation alignment
    • Organization competency
  • Data Diagnostic. - An internal assessment of an organization's data capabilities relative to the needs for best practice strategic and tactical pricing management with emphasis on:
    • Internal data readiness assessment
    • Data augmentations assessment
  • Price Solution Readiness Diagnostic. A Cross-organization assessment of a firm's readiness for deploying and realizing benefits from an investment in pricing technology. This diagnostic will assess:
    • Data readiness
    • Process readiness
    • Organization readiness