Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems Selection Methodology

Selecting the right PLM software platform can be a slow, arduous process. Identifying a solution that satisfies all functional constituencies is an impossible task. To ensure the selection of the right solution, companies need a partner with a deep understanding of all the leading platforms and an unbiased view of the market.

At Kalypso, our team of experts help companies navigate the selection process. We work closely with all leading software providers while bringing complete objectivity to the task of facilitating a platform decision with the best organizational fit. A well defined selection process includes evaluating possible PLM solutions against business objectives, total cost of ownership, risk, user adoption and acceptance, and organizational fit.

While platform selection is a critical leg of the overall PLM journey, time spent making the decision is not time spent delivering value. Our aim is to accelerate this process while ensuring that our clients have the right tools to make the best selection. Kalypso's proprietary PLM Technology Capabilities Framework quickly defines scope, priorities, requirements, and potential providers, reducing the time spent selecting software by 8 to 12 weeks.  From there, our team can either make a recommendation or facilitate your team through an in-depth technical, functional, and organizational evaluation.

A methodical, proven approach that considers complexity, cost, and time to value can help organizations take the right steps to selecting a PLM system that will deliver immediate and long-term benefits in years to come.

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