Product Launch Strategy, Planning, and Execution

To remain competitive and achieve growth, companies need to master the process of introducing new products to market. There is little room for error, a live and unforgiving audience comprised of customers, press and analysts, and many moving parts that require coordination.

At Kalypso, we work with our clients to establish and execute on all elements of the launch process, including message development, pricing, communications and promotion strategy, channel strategy, sales support, and strategic account development. Our team helps companies to evaluate status quo launch practices, identify critical areas for improvement, and make strategic recommendations on how to improve launch performance.

Unlike other consulting firms, Kalypso goes beyond designing launch-management strategies and processes, and helps get the job done. Working as an extension of your team, we can coordinate and manage launch activities that can disrupt the many commitments of busy marketing, product management, and sales organizations.

To provide our clients with additional resources and capacity, we often assume a leadership role for the launch execution process. We develop guidelines with defined roles and responsibilities for each member of the launch team, specify executive review checkpoints, and provide best-practice templates to accelerate the process.

By helping clients to manage the launch process itself, we are helping them to become more agile and responsive to the market. In the case of one of our clients, we helped the company to improve its total number of product launches from 20 product launches to over 30 product launches a year, increasing time to revenue and speed to market for key new products.