PLM Vivo for Medical Device

Today's medical device companies continue to face growing regulatory scrutiny, and with that, increasing compliance and auditing costs. Meanwhile, many companies are also juggling greater expectations for organic growth with improving product quality and boosting R&D and manufacturing productivity.

To help navigate these challenges, industry-leading medical device companies deploy product lifecycle management (PLM). PLM can help medical device companies achieve a single version of the truth for all product data, increase traceability to support internal and external audits, and improve product quality and reliability.

Kalypso can provide medical device companies with a cost-effective alternative to a traditional PLM implementation with PLM Vivo for Medical Device, a pre-configured solution designed for rapid implementation in medical device companies. PLM Vivo enables medical device companies to go live with their PLM solution in as little as 16 weeks. In addition to reducing setup time, PLM Vivo enables a more structured design control process, provides a validated “production ready” software system and facilitates swift user adoption.

PLM Vivo is built on Oracle’s Agile PLM application which enables companies to accelerate product innovation and maximize product profitability by managing product information, processes and decisions throughout the lifecycle and across the global product network. 

PLM Vivo provides a low-risk option for medical device companies to jumpstart their PLM journey. The reduced demands on time and resources open the door for medical device companies to gain PLM benefits faster than ever before.

For more information on PLM Vivo for Medical Device contact Sachin Misra or download the overview here.