Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Optimization

PLM functionality and capability are expanding. Packaged applications and industry templates are driving new adoption, and data integration with other enterprise applications is getting more seamless.

Companies are finding that having PLM is not enough to stay ahead of the curve. To get the most out of PLM and to optimize benefits, they will need to evolve with it.

At Kalypso, we are focused on helping companies evolve PLM and we have designed an Evolve Framework to help clients navigate the process. Our framework is comprised of four stages – stages that, when properly managed, can help companies to evolve PLM.

The Evolve Framework helps clients to address common challenges to realizing PLM’s full benefits including:

  • Building an understanding of the strategic potential
  • Driving a business-driven approach to the evolution
  • Developing and maintaining executive alignment
  • Creating a clear multi-dimensional business case
  • Providing a compelling case for changing current practices
  • Architecting a simple, integrated solution that aligns with goals
  • Managing the complexity of systems and transition plans
  • Developing a prioritized implementation roadmap

Regardless of your PLM application, implementation history or technical maturity, Kalypso can provide objective guidance to help you optimize the benefits of PLM. Our Evolve Framework can help you get started.

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