IP Strategy & Management

Successful innovation relies not just on the development of ideas, but also in the ability to protect and execute these ideas. Implementing an effective strategy to properly manage intellectual property enables companies to become more competitive in creating opportunities for innovation and growth. Understanding the IP across a business or enterprise - both in knowing what's available and as well as what's in use - is necessary to both create and maintain an effective innovation strategy.

For many companies, developing an IP strategy and managing their portfolio of IP assets is a major challenge. At Kalypso, we provide our clients with expert guidance through the IP management process, from strategy development to commercialization. We help our clients understand, manage, protect and leverage their IP portfolios by developing an IP strategy that supports the business strategy. We also tackle the IP management function itself to create an organization that is a strategic partner with the business and technical communities.

Because a well-structured IP management system can help protect products, determine revenue opportunities, and identify potential infringement situations, the design and implementation of an IP management process is crucial. Our team helps clients optimize this process by establishing a management system that directly supports fundamental business strategies and by developing a roll-out and training plan that ensures effective implementation.

To help identify opportunities and threats, our team conducts comprehensive assessments of the competitive IP landscape. We identify areas where additional patent coverage could provide a strategic advantage or reduce risk, evaluate key industry technology developments, research patents with infringement potential, look for opportunities to reduce costs, and identify opportunities for litigation or licensing.

Kalypso’s IP strategy and management services include:

  • IP Strategy Development
  • IP Management System Development
  • IP Competitive Assessment
  • IP Infringement Analysis
  • IP Management Organizational Effectiveness
  • IP Commercialization