IP Commercialization

Determining the value of the IP portfolio presents a challenge for many companies, particularly after they’ve accumulated numerous patents and intellectual assets as a result of mergers or acquisitions. However, companies that don't strategically leverage their IP miss out on the significant opportunity to generate incremental revenue and reduce costs.

At Kalypso, we provide companies with strategic guidance through each step of the IP commercialization process, from analyzing and cataloging the IP to identifying commercial opportunities and even negotiating terms of licensing arrangements. We help clients to develop a sustainable IP commercialization capability that maximizes value from IP assets and drives incremental revenue opportunities.

Our IP commercialization experts have worked with clients on a variety of projects to determine the value of their IP portfolio. Our experienced team can evaluate your existing IP assets to identify and prioritize those with the highest value and the most easily developed commercial applications. With our proprietary tools and methodologies, we can help your organization identify opportunities for licensing, market expansion, infringement action, and technology expansion.

Kalypso’s IP commercialization services include:

  • IP Portfolio Cataloging & Screening
  • IP Market & Value Extraction Assessment
  • Commercial Concept Development
  • Concept Marketing & Value Extraction