Integrated Idea Management

Ideation, the development of new ideas for innovation and continuous improvement, and Idea Management, the process of capturing, communicating, assessing, prioritizing, and exploiting those new ideas, are two areas companies are looking to for innovative new products and solutions.

Of course, successful innovation requires much more than coming up with creative ideas. Ideas are useless outside of an environment or process that can harness the flow of ideas and translate them into innovation offerings. And ideation without proper execution does nothing for corporate growth.

Many companies fail to execute on good ideas because the process for developing the ideas is ambiguous or non-existent. Typically, an idea matures through a series of steps in the ideation process. The steps are Opportunity Identification, Idea Generation, Idea Enrichment and Idea Selection, although they do not always happen in this order.

At Kalypso, we help organizations to create and implement effective ideation and idea management processes. We help clients to take an original idea, validate the opportunity, and find the best way to convert the idea into measurable business value. This can be achieved by the commercialization of the idea into a product or service that can be taken to market, or by the institutionalization of an idea, like a method or process, that enables your company to achieve higher productivity and quality at lower total cost.

We help clients to focus on creating tangible business value and developing a process to capitalize on good ideas. Beyond helping clients to harness ideas and focusing on what is often referred to as the "fuzzy front end of innovation," we help organizations to optimize product selection, commercialization and development processes throughout the lifecycle.