Innovation Leadership

Innovation Leadership is the capacity to evoke and sustain disruptive positive change. It allows you to do more with less, ensure you have the right team to execute, deliver innovations faster to the market, sustain innovation, and achieve business objectives and results.

Real innovation requires not just a change of what we do, but a deeper and more fundamental transformation.  Kalypso’s Innovation Leadership team serves as the leaders behind the leaders that:

  • Create Alignment. Facilitate the conversations that create clarity of vision, purpose, mission, values, and strategy; shape a positive atmosphere, and develop an engaged and high performing workforce.
  • Build Capacity. Develop organizational talent through leadership assessment and development to enable successful execution of business and leadership strategies.
  • Lead Transformation. Support leaders with executive coaching to enable their individual transformation so that they can lead their teams in transforming the organization and empowering innovation for sustainable differentiation.

Kalypso's Innovation Leadership offerings brings a set of proven capabilities and services to help deliver the promise of innovation:

  • Executive Alignment Sessions & Vision to Action Workshops
  • Portfolio Management & New Product Development Process Implementation Coaching
  • Innovation Assessments (Leadership, Team and Process)
  • Facilitated Innovation Immersion Workshops
  • Effective Innovation Team Formation and Development
  • Results-oriented Innovation Coaching (Leadership and Team)
  • Facilitated Virtual Collaborative Ideation & Product Development
  • Critical New Product Development Program Risk and Quality Assessments