Digital Innovation

Changing economic conditions, growing brand categories and emerging digital technologies are continually influencing consumer and shopper behavior. To become better informed about their purchasing decisions, today's consumers are relying more on digital sources including online retailers, social media and mobile technologies. This is not only transforming how consumers buy but how consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can engage with them.

While most CPG companies have basic digital capabilities in place, many struggle to fully integrate them into their innovation and brand/marketing processes. When companies don’t take advantage of these innovative new ways to connect with consumers, they miss out on opportunities to increase profit and sales, gain new consumer insights and ultimately deliver a better consumer experience.

As the digital space continues to grow in influence, it is more critical than ever to create a Digital Innovation approach that supports business strategy and goals. Kalypso helps clients fully integrate Digital Innovation into strategy, plans and execution to deliver sustainable results.

Kalypso’s Digital Innovation methodology focuses on two key areas:

  • Digital Marketing – Interactive marketing via a digital suite of tools - including branded sites, e-commerce, i-media, social media, search, e-crm, mobile and mobile commerce - to engage consumers online to take some form of action. Digital tactics are selected and integrated into an “activation map” that enables the best marketing solution for the intended consumer target.
  • Social Product Development – Creating and implementing a comprehensive social strategy that supports business goals for product development and innovation. Social technologies, software and applications are evaluated based on business needs. Social strategy and technology are integrated into product development business processes, from Front End of Innovation through support for in-market products.

Kalypso's deep experience in CPG and systematic view of new product and service development can help move companies from a place of relative uncertainty to a position of competitive advantage, where digital innovation is a proven and measureable “win” internally and externally.