Our Services

Below is an alphabetical list of all of our services.

Collaborative Innovation
Develop strategic partnerships to create compelling consumer product and service offerings while increasing sales and profitability.
Complexity Management
Drive profit improvements, identify areas of unprofitable business, and reduce organizational complexity with Complexity Management.
Digital Innovation
Integrate digital capabilities into innovation and marketing strategies to better engage consumers and shoppers and improve ROI.
FEI Optimizer for Consumer Goods
Transform the front end of innovation to drive bigger, better business results.
Innovation Capability Assessment
As businesses strive to reach new innovation goals or launch initiatives that require capabilities not immediately present in the organization, an assessment is one of the first steps to understanding current capability and building a fact-based case for change.
Innovation Leadership
Create the right team to execute, deliver and sustain innovation to achieve business objectives and results.
Innovation Results Transformation
Organizations today face mounting pressure from shareholders to set ambitious growth targets from innovation. In many cases the only way to meet those expectations is through fundamental changes to processes, tools, organization and culture. 
Innovative Packaging Services
Packaging is one of the two compelling forces that influence consumer behavior; packaging drives sales, increases market penetration and reduces costs.
Integrated Idea Management
Develop effective ideation and idea management processes to capture, communicate, assess, prioritize, and exploit new ideas.
Integrated Innovation Analytics
The Integrated Innovation Analytics solution is a centralized scorecard summarizing innovation performance metrics (financial and non-financial). It aligns organizational strategy to innovation performance and is inherently interactive, drillable and supports ad-hoc analysis.
Integrated Innovation Analytics
As boards of directors continue to hold management more accountable for results from innovation, companies still struggle with new product failures rates as high as 70 percent. Kalypso’s Innovation Balanced Scorecard helps companies run innovation like a business and become more effective in solving critical, industry specific-innovation challenges using proven tools, methodologies and practices. 
Interim Management & Critical Project Recovery
Effectively get complex programs that are critical to your operation back on track with a trusted team of advisors.
IP Commercialization
Evaluate existing IP assets to identify and prioritize opportunities for licensing, market expansion, infringement action, and technology expansion.
IP Strategy & Management
Understand, manage, protect and leverage IP portfolio by developing an IP strategy that supports the business strategy.
Develop sustainable training programs to achieve successful transformation, drive organizational change, and maintain lasting results.
Nova for PPM
A fast-track Portfolio and Pipeline Management (PPM) model for improving innovation portfolio visibility and increasing pipeline value.
Open Innovation
Create and implement open innovation strategies, business processes, and technologies that facilitate connections and ideas from the outside.
P4P Mobile (PLM for Process)
Access product and supplier data while on-the-go with P4P Mobile, a mobile application for Oracle’s Agile PLM for Process solution.
PLM Accel for Medical Device
A pre-configured model based on leading practices in innovation and product development for Medical Device, built on PTC’s Windchill application.
PLM Accel for NPD
A new product development phase-gate accelerator that provides leading NPD practices, allowing companies to see immediate improvements in NPD effectiveness from PLM implementations.
PLM for Footwear & Apparel
Articulate the business value of PLM, build a justification for integrating PLM and ERP, and apply leading practices to solve unique footwear and apparel challenges
PLM Vivo for BioPharma
PLM Vivo for BioPharma enables companies to reduce the reduce the time, investment and effort to deploy product lifecycle management (PLM). 
PLM Vivo for Food and Beverage
A pre-configured PLM solution designed for rapid implementation for the F&B industry, enabling companies to reduce the time, investment, and effort to deploy PLM by up to 66 percent.
PLM Vivo for Medical Device
A pre-configured PLM solution designed for rapid implementation for the medical device industry, enabling companies to reduce the time, investment and effort to deploy PLM.
PLM Vivo for Quick Service Restaurants
A pre-configured PLM solution designed for rapid implementation for the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, enabling companies to reduce the time, investment and effort to deploy PLM.
PLM Vivo for Semiconductor
Kalypso's rapid product lifecycle management (PLM) implementation for the semiconductor industry enables organizations to reduce the time, investment and effort to deploy PLM by up to 66 percent.
PLM Vivo PRO for BioPharma Product Registrations
PLM Vivo PRO for Product Registrations enables biopharma companies to reduce the complexity, time and effort of the product registration process.
Price & Value Strategy
Employ a proactive approach to create pricing strategies, processes, and structures that anticipate market changes and yield impressive results.
Pricing Software Selection & Implementation Services
Select the right pricing software and ensure on-time and on-budget deployments with proven resources and methodologies.
Product Launch Strategy, Planning, and Execution
Execute on all elements of the launch process, including message development, pricing, communications and promotion strategy, channel strategy, sales support, and strategic account development.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Architecture & Integration
Create and implement a strategic, scalable PLM architecture to better manage product development processes, easily manage integration points, and improve enterprise collaboration and communication.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Implementation
Accelerate the value of your PLM investment and sustain business results.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Optimization
Evolve PLM processes and systems by improving performance to optimize the full benefits of PLM.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Strategy
Identify business objectives for PLM and develop a well-defined strategy and roadmap to achieve optimal results.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems Selection Methodology
Select a PLM system with a deep understanding of all the leading platforms and an unbiased view of the market that will deliver immediate and long-term benefits.
Program Management and Project Execution
Execute programs and projects flawlessly to support mission-critical strategic and corporate initiatives.
Project Governance & Decision Making
Structure governance and decision making processes to achieve clarity around the “who, what, when and how.”
Quality Management
Identify business objectives for quality management and develop a well-defined strategy and roadmap to achieve optimal results.
R&D and Technology Strategy
Given the inherent uncertainty of R&D, the challenge is to place focused bets in the right areas. It is also vital that R&D and technology programs are linked to innovation and business strategy at both the corporate and business unit levels.
R&D Management Framework
Improve return on R&D investment, identify improvement areas and manage R&D as a business.
Resource Management and Pipeline Capacity
Leverage existing talent with strategies that will effectively manage and optimally deploy resources for planned projects.
Social Product Innovation
Integrate social media and social computing strategy to support innovation, product development, and business strategy.
Strategic Planning and Alignment
Kalypso’s Strategic Planning and Alignment capability collaboratively engages executive teams to align objectives, goals, strategies, tactics and metrics via workshops, surveys, interviews and data gathering.
Strategic Roadmapping
Implement effective roadmapping practices that improve strategic, market, technology, and product planning processes.
Third Party Gatekeeping
Provide objectivity and bring a balanced view to effectively evaluate new product concepts and make sound investment decisions.
Transaction Management
Optimize business practices and technology to ensure that each transaction is effectively managed for full value capture.
Unique Device Identification (UDI) Readiness Assessment
Assess your organization's readiness to comply with the FDA's Medical Device Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements.
Value in Market
Optimize the value captured from product offerings and product mix.
Value Management Capability Diagnostic & Roadmap
Assess all areas of pricing and value management to understand where opportunities can be found and where change is needed with comprehensive assessments and diagnostics.
Voice of the Consumer/Customer
Capture consumer and customer insights and translate them into user needs, product requirements and product specifications to drive successful new product development.
White Space Strategy Development
To efficiently and successfully generate valuable new business and product ideas requires the identification of emergent opportunity domains conducive to them.