Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual property is a key driver of growth, providing the foundation for product innovation and development. Revenue opportunities are no longer rooted solely in products or services, and IP that has never been commercialized in a product can still generate significant streams of revenue. Leading companies bring in millions - and even billions - of dollars in revenue year after year from licensing intellectual property. In fact, analysts estimate that over 85% of the market valuation of the S&P 500 is represented by intangible assets.

Although a company's IP portfolio is one of its most valuable and strategic assets, it is seldom fully leveraged. Analysts indicate that fewer than 3% of patents generate licensing income, and that globally over $1 trillion annually is wasted in underutilized patent assets.

At Kalypso, our intellectual property services help companies develop and implement solutions that deliver significant and sustainable value from their IP portfolios. Our team assists our clients with IP strategy development, IP management system selection and implementation, commercialization, portfolio screening, competitive assessments, and infringement investigations. Some of the challenges that our IP service offerings have assisted clients with include

  • Aligning an IP program to both the business strategy and the Engineering/CAD development strategy including ways to track/enable reuse of IP
  • Establishing a system to manage IP that supports fundamental business strategies that drive development of high-value products
  • Reviewing the IP portfolio to prioritize assets and perform detailed "what-if" analyses of proposed courses of action
  • Devising IP and innovation strategies that can be launched to gain competitive advantage

Kalypso's IP management service offerings are segregated into two broad and related categories:

IP Strategy & Management
Understand, manage, protect and leverage IP portfolio by developing an IP strategy that supports the business strategy.
IP Commercialization
Evaluate existing IP assets to identify and prioritize opportunities for licensing, market expansion, infringement action, and technology expansion.