Front End of Innovation

Convert Winning Ideas into Tangible Business Value

We work with organizations to improve innovation results by converting winning ideas and concepts into tangible business value.

For companies that struggle to balance creative idea generation with a structured process, we help systematize the front end of innovation – innovation strategy, customer/consumer insights, ideation and concept development – to drive desired growth without sacrificing creativity.

We work with clients to first develop an innovation strategy that matches their business growth goals, then to optimize their front end of innovation and development processes to deliver increased return on innovation investment.

Core Services

  • Digital Innovation
  • Foresight
  • Integrated Idea Management
  • Open Innovation
  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • Voice of the Customer/Consumer

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Video Don’t “Do” Open Innovation - Design Open Organizations

Open innovation isn’t about the latest trends in crowdsourcing; it’s about expanding the boundaries of your organization to deliver results. Innovation through co-creation with customers requires you to think beyond the front end. If you want your…
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White Paper The Front End of Innovation: Not So “Fuzzy” Anymore

Over the years, capabilities around the front end of innovation (FEI) have evolved significantly. So what is still preventing organizations from delivering results? Take a holistic look into your innovation processes, systems, capabilities and…
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Article Mastering the Front End: Seven Steps to a More Creative Organization

To develop a truly creative organization, companies must create an environment that enables light bulb moments in a repeatable, relevant way. Not so simple. Here are some tips to combine creativity with discipline to help master the fuzzy front end.
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White Paper Open Innovation: Practical First Steps for B2B Companies

Considering an open innovation initiative? Don’t take it lightly. For B2B companies who face unique additional challenges, identifying and achieving value can be especially difficult. If your company sees the value and is ready to get started,…
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Video On Demand Webcast: Transforming the Front End Of Innovation - A Kimberly-Clark Case Study

Innovation is meant to deliver results. But for most companies, the problem isn’t finding new ideas; it’s finding the best ones. In this on-demand webcast, Cor Bosselaar, Director of Global Innovation Capabilities and Processes for Kimberly-Clark,…
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