New Product Development Execution

Economic challenges, intense competition, and shorter product lifecycles narrow the window of opportunity to successfully bring new products to market. With little room for error, the pressure is on to maximize return on R&D investment and increase growth rates more than ever before.

With many organizations fighting to consistently meet their product development effectiveness objectives for time, cost, and quality, they will need to fire on all cylinders if they want to beat competitors to market.

To meet product development objectives while hitting growth targets, top performing organizations utilize new product development execution as a source of competitive advantage. And, they must execute flawlessly to remain at the front of the pack.

Kalypso works with clients to identify gaps in current practices to identify the systematic and organizational changes needed to achieve step function capability improvement. Using proven innovation and product development best practices to benchmark, our team has the expertise to help clients become more aligned, collaborative, and competitive in their product development processes by:

  • Assessing, benchmarking, designing, piloting, and implementing all elements (governance & decision making, work process structure, project excellence) of development & NPI execution.
  • Defining and implementing an end-to-end set of project execution work flows that link high level phase gates to lower-level tasks.
  • Implementing a balanced, well defined, high performing project team structure.
  • Creating a project management toolkit to guide and assisting teams with improved scheduling, risk management, cross-functional integration, and cross-project communication and reporting.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective project governance by ensuring the governance team is staffed appropriately, their role is understood, and they have the mechanisms and tools in place for effective decision making.

Kalypso is focused on helping our clients realize optimal product development performance and transform the enterprise to sustain real, lasting results. Whether accelerating product introductions, increasing time to revenue, implementing technologies, or enabling better informed product decisions throughout the lifecycle, our team has the implementation experience necessary to drive transformation.

Our team has helped clients achieve development cycle time improvement of over 40 percent, two-fold improvement in return on R&D investment, and development pipeline throughput of over 60 percent.

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