Business & Innovation Strategy

Improve Business Results through Strategic Innovation

Business & Innovation Strategy is not a singular event, workshop or process, but a journey requiring clear strategic choices, alignment of organizational capabilities and resources, and sustained leadership commitment. It defines how innovation contributes to business goals and strategy by translating high-level business objectives into specific goals, direction and metrics for innovation.

Kalypso’s Business & Innovation Strategy Framework is designed to support an organization’s innovation journey while helping to answer some key questions:

  • What should our innovation strategy be and how do we define it?
  • Which emerging or new markets and categories should we enter?
  • Are our innovation goals and strategies aligned with business objectives?
  • How do we balance breakthrough or disruptive big bets with innovation required to deliver core business results today?
  • What capabilities and resources are required to deliver the desired results?

Our Business & Innovation Strategy practice works with business leaders to develop innovation strategies to win in-market and build the sustainable capabilities they need to deliver more predictable business results.

Kalypso's Business & Innovation Strategy Framework
Strategic Planning and Alignment
Kalypso’s Strategic Planning and Alignment capability collaboratively engages executive teams to align objectives, goals, strategies, tactics and metrics via workshops, surveys, interviews and data gathering.
Innovation Capability Assessment
As businesses strive to reach new innovation goals or launch initiatives that require capabilities not immediately present in the organization, an assessment is one of the first steps to understanding current capability and building a fact-based case for change.
Innovation Results Transformation
Organizations today face mounting pressure from shareholders to set ambitious growth targets from innovation. In many cases the only way to meet those expectations is through fundamental changes to processes, tools, organization and culture. 
Integrated Innovation Analytics
As boards of directors continue to hold management more accountable for results from innovation, companies still struggle with new product failures rates as high as 70 percent. Kalypso’s Innovation Balanced Scorecard helps companies run innovation like a business and become more effective in solving critical, industry specific-innovation challenges using proven tools, methodologies and practices. 
R&D and Technology Strategy
Given the inherent uncertainty of R&D, the challenge is to place focused bets in the right areas. It is also vital that R&D and technology programs are linked to innovation and business strategy at both the corporate and business unit levels.
White Space Strategy Development
To efficiently and successfully generate valuable new business and product ideas requires the identification of emergent opportunity domains conducive to them. 
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Strategy
Identify business objectives for PLM and develop a well-defined strategy and roadmap to achieve optimal results.
Strategic Roadmapping
Implement effective roadmapping practices that improve strategic, market, technology, and product planning processes.
IP Strategy & Management
Understand, manage, protect and leverage IP portfolio by developing an IP strategy that supports the business strategy.